Cold Press Juices-Only Fresh, No preservatives


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♥ Our Cold pressed juices are fresh, packed from essential vitamins and minerals as preserved in fruits by mother earth.

Cold pressed juice is made with a special juicer that uses a hydraulic press and slow pulverizer to juice the fruits and veggies. This kind of juicer isn’t the one you’d find at your local bodega or in your kitchen.

We have ranges of health juices :

  1. Burgundy Swirl : With Beetroot/Grapes/Plums/Carrot base
  2. Sunrise: Mango/Musk Melon/Orange base
  3. Dlights: Pineapple/Watermelon/Cucumber/Apple base
  4. Sparkle: Coconut/Mausambi/Litchee base
  5. Blossoms: Pomegranate/Grapes/Strawberry/Melons base
  6. Sunsets: Chickoo/Guava/Papaya base
  7. Gang Green: Spinach/Cucumber/Apples/Avocado base

The fruits, veggies are selected on season basis..

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